Maintenance Tips for Solar Panels

Maintenance tips for solar panels

Solar panels are a big and often a once in a lifetime investment and hence like any other appliance or vehicle in the house, they require periodic maintenance for optimum performance and longevity. Good news is that solar panels do not have many moving parts and hence the maintenance is not cumbersome. According to solar panel manufacturers in India, periodic maintenance of your solar panel must not be taken lightly, if you want to reap long term benefits. Let’s take a look at few simple ways to maintain your solar panels. 
Before we move on to explain how to clean your solar panels, let’s go through some important points you must keep in mind while using them. 

1.    Always keep your solar panel out of shade 

If you want energy production from your solar panel at its maximum, then never keep it under shade. Energy production becomes inefficient when solar panels are deprived from absorbing sunlight.

2.    Measure their performance on a daily basis 

Make it a practice to note down how much energy your solar panel is producing at different times of the day, especially on cloudy days. Polycrystalline solar panel manufacturers in India provide best monitoring systems to help you gauge the performance of your solar panel on a daily basis. 

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Cleaning your solar panels 

Cleaning your solar panels from time to time is essential. They are bound to lose 15-25 percent of their efficiency if not cleaned regularly. It is a myth that rain is a satisfying way of cleaning your solar panels. If you ask polycrystalline solar panel manufacturers in India, they would suggest professional cleaning of your solar panels as it can help you increase the efficiency of your solar panel by about 12% as compared to cleaning done by rain. 


  • Solar panel manufacturers in India always provide you with a user-guide with your solar panel. Refer to this manual while cleaning the solar panel system. 
  • It is a good idea to clean the solar panel at a cooler time of the day. They can become extremely hot in sunshine making it difficult to carry out the cleaning work. 
  • More often than not your garden hose is enough to do the job for you. If you see excessive dust and dirt, you will need to clean it more thoroughly. 
  • You can use a bucket or spray bottle with warm water and soap to clean the solar panel. 
  • Solar panel manufacturers in India always recommend using a soft sponge or cloth to clean the surface of the solar panel. 

For more questions about cleaning your solar panel or the best polycrystalline solar panel manufacturers in India, feel free to write in to us.


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